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© Holly Bazley 2019

Biotical: The game of resistance 



The world as we know it is in crisis. We have been misusing antibiotics for the past two decades. It’s been estimated it could cause 10 million deaths globally by 2050, due to bacteria mutating and making even our strongest antibiotics ineffective. It’s ability to adapt has caused a significant threat and we need to change how we use them. 

You are now responsible to help sort out the mess and lead society to a better future.

© Holly Bazley 2019

Game Play 

Each player starts from the bed to begin their life journey where they’ll encounter a huge variety of diseases, each time deciding whether or not they take antibiotics. If you use antibiotics correctly, you’ll finish the game first in perfect health and you’ll be one step further to helping solve the crisis! But… if you take them incorrectly you’ll suffer the consequences…

© Holly Bazley 2019