The SciArt Show

In collabortaion with Kidscan Charity 


Aoifé Connolly-Curley and Holly Bazley invented the SciArt Show combining our passions of Science, Art and Game shows. Using a hand crafted 'wheel of science' people can spin and win mini science experiment demonstrations which promote health and wellbeing for all ages.

The SciArt Show collaborated with Kidscan the Children’s Cancer Research to help raise money for the charity. During our time working with them we raised over 500 pounds and got a certificate from the Major of Manchester. 


The mini experiments include but are not limited to: lava lamps, making and playing with slime, paper puppets that dance with static electricity and Chromatography.


The experiments are relaxing, hypnotic, and encourage the participants to engage with of all their senses in a playful way. It gives people the opportunity to step out of their fast pace lives for a moment and BE AMAZED!


We want to learn what others think about combining Science and Art, and open up conversations about wellbeing, sharing our enthusiasm for the discipline of SciArt and socially engaged art.